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Disruptive Technologies: The New Normal

Innovate | Disrupt | Evolve

"PeaceMaker", the ironically named advanced nuclear missile that emerged from the USí arsenal during the cold war, with the ability to carry 10 independent payloads each of which was 20 times more powerful that the first nuke dropped on Hiroshima, changed the future of warfare forever. This incident indeed created the worst carnage known to mankind and made every weapon used until then obsolete. It changed the fundamental principles of warfare and is to date deterring humanity plunging headfast into another World War.

Today management of large organizations face the same challenge that Roosevelt did during the Cold War, will your organization today approve a radical idea, allocate funds and be the early adopter amidst a crisis?

As Prof.Clayton M. Christensen the scholar who introduced the Disruptive Innovation theory says "Disruption is a process, not an event, and innovations can only be disruptive relative to something else ".

Are you going to be an Innovator, Early Adopter or a Laggard?


Sponsors of the ISACA Chennai Conference (ICC) will have unparalleled access to today's some of the top decision-makers in the field while positioning your organization among the industry's IT and business leaders and influencers. The ICC brands as ISACA Chennai's prime event, uniting CXOs, top technology risk and assurance professionals and business leaders from all over India to showcase cutting edge knowledge, discuss emerging IT trends and offers valuable networking opportunities. This event offers sponsors with a great opportunity to solidify your organization's status among the key decision makers.

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    JUN 02 - JULY 02
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