Data Breach Incident: Gamified Crisis Simulation Workshop

25th November 2021

Preparing your organization to be crisis-resilient in the true sense, crisis management training are about building capabilities, capacities, and agility, than rehearsing a plan. The best preparation is achieved by letting the teams live the crisis using an online crisis simulation engine. With the simulation engine, the teams' response to progressive scenarios, jumps, and dynamics injects by crafting a crisis response framework consisting of strategies, plans, team roles, and priorities.


You will be responding to the situation as the Crisis Management Team (CMT) of SBS. Overall, CMT members are exposed to leadership, critical thinking, providing direction & guidance during emergencies. CMT recognizes the need to have shadow skills among its peers to handle situations where all members may not be available.

The simulation: You will be responding to a crisis responding to the following areas

  • Initiating a response;
  • Planning a response approach;
  • Managing crisis command center;
  • Crisis communication; and
  • Stand down the crisis.