Cyber forensics

25th November 2021

Growing digitalization and a connected world poses multitude of challenges for an enterprise.  Some of these include data breaches, intellectual property theft, other frauds committed using technology as a tool or a target.  Today, cyber-crime is more organized, advanced and cuts across jurisdictions such that a specialized approach is required to detect, investigate and stop such events.  In order to build stakeholder confidence, organizations are expected to demonstrate reasonable cyber-crime preparedness and detection techniques.  This workshop will provide a ring-side view of investigations related to cyber-crime and data breaches, such as business email compromise, ransomware, malware attacks, and network intrusion.  The workshop will also highlight key IT testing procedures and steps in cyber-crime preparedness.

Who should attend?
Professionals advising on cyber security, governance, information security and risk.  CISOs, CROs, CDOs, CTOs and IT/system administrators.