ISACA, Chennai Chapter Holiday List - 2017

  S.No   Date   Day   Occasion   Restricted / Closed
  1   14-Jan   Saturday   Thai Pongal   Closed
  2   26-Jan   Thursday   Republic Day   Closed
  3   9-Apr   Sunday   MahavirJayanthi   Restricted
  4   14-Apr   Friday   Tamil New Year Day   Closed
  5   1-May   Monday   May Day   Closed
  6   26-Jun   Monday   Ramzan   Closed
  7   15-Aug   Tuesday   Independence Day   Closed
  8   25-Aug   Friday   Vinayaka Chaturthi   Closed
  9   29-Sep   Friday   Ayutha Pooja   Closed
  10   2-Oct   Monday   Gandhi Jayanthi   Closed
  11   18-Oct   Wednesday   Deepawali   Closed
  12   25-Dec   Monday   Christmas   Closed

Note: Subject to change due to exigencies.


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