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"SPICON 2016" to be held on 18th & 19th Nov 2016 at Chennai will provide an opportunity to review the impact & opportunities due to various industry/market trends with particular focus on the megatrend "Digital" to various industries like Banking & financial services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecom, Automotive, Consumer etc from the end-user / customer perspective. The conference discussions will also attempt to throw light on how organizations and individuals should prepare with new architecture, governance, structure, culture etc with requisite talent enablement, processes, tools, frameworks and practices that will enable organizations & individuals to be ambidextrous..that is ..more agile and more smart in adapting/innovating continuously to the new trends as well as execute with stability and improve with optimization. Preparing for "Bimodal IT" with agility and stability, the challenges involved in implementation, Pros and Cons of Digital trend etc will also form part of the deliberations of the conference.

Please see the attachment for more details.

Note: ISACA members can avail the same privileges of SPIN Chennai members for this conference even after early bird.

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